Sodermalm, once the settlement of Stockholm laborers, is today the most popular neighborhood of the city, where hipsters roam. Design shops, biodynamic menus, organic grocers and vintage shops are in the air. Art, kitsch and trends blend together here. The offices of many companies in the creative industries such as media and advertising are naturally here. Artist studios, fashion houses and art galleries also inhabit Sodermalm. Sodermalm is actually the name given to the whole big island south of Gamla Stan, the part of Stockholm that is called the old town. The island is under siege by four hipsters, and the area called SoFo is at its heart. SoFo comes from “South of Folkungagatan”. You guessed it right, a pun on New York's SoHo as it has transformed into a fashion/design center. Already with a quick glance at the map below, you can tell where SoFo is. Yes, to the right of that island where everything is clustered. You will probably spend most of your time here. However, you sho